BENEFITS of using a Customs Broker
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Why use Tobecan exportclear?

We do the heavy lifting

Tobecan exportclear was created with the novice exporter in mind. We are experts in the export shipping process who make exporting easier by streamlining and simplifying the process. We give our customers the tools and resources to make your export fromCHINA smooth and trouble free.

If you have just purchased goods in China and are ready to ship them from CHINA, simply fill out our quote form and you are well on your way to having your shipment cleared and delivered.

Our customer service is superior

TOBECAN Exportclear is on call to answer any questions you have regarding exporting from CHINA and customs compliance. Our highly trained team of customs brokerage experts is on call to guide you through each shipment. From personal phone consultations to prompt responses to emails, we work to make your export experience easier.

We are a licensed customs broker and freight forwarder

Customs brokers are licensed to act as agents for exporters of goods from CHINA. Customs brokers provide release instructions to China Customs as well as other government agencies to permit the flow of exported goods from CHINA. Customs brokers classify goods according to the current China Tariff to apply duties and taxes owed to China Customs. We keep abreast of constantly changing rules and regulations to assure all exporters of record are compliant. When we finish clearing your goods through ocean ports and airports, we also offer freight services to all over the world.

We use technology to streamline the exporting process

Our online system, software and direct connection to China Customs allows us to process your EDI’s, entries and clearances quickly and efficiently. We continually keep up to date with your shipments via email, text notifications.

We provide exporters with the tools and resources to export smarter.

From our website with key documents, to our exporter knowledge base with links to customs clearance and shipping information, we provide all the resources you need to successfully export your cargo to any Chinese zip code.

Role of a Customs Broker

Tobecan Exportclear is a licensed customs broker who clears exports through any all Chinese sea ports and international airports. We streamline the clearance and delivery process on behalf of companies large and small. Tohecan Exportclear can act as a valuable partner on behalf of your business by streamlining your supply chain

A Chinese customs broker recognizes and produces a variety of legally binding documents needed to export goods from China.

Customs brokers have a close relationship with China Customs Service to obtain legal clearance for your goods into CHINA.

Customs clearance is required for ALL exports from CHINA regardless if they are duty free or not. Customs brokers also file bonds for goods which temporarily leave and then re-enter China. These are called carnets.

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